Don-Mar Associates Mission Statement

Don-Mar Associates is a highly professional sales agency located in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, established in 1992 by Don Bouchard and Sal Amodeo. Like many other successful companies and organizations our foundation is based on the strength of our people.

Our sales force is made up of 14 well trained, highly motivated individuals that pride themselves on building a strong customer base with long-term relationships. It is our belief that customer service is the key to a successful organization. This can only be achieved by limiting the number of quality manufacturers we represent, and maximizing our concentrated efforts within our area of distribution. Don-Mar Associates focuses its efforts in seeking out innovative and quality Gift/Home Decor companies that will give our retail customers the diversity that they demand to keep their products fresh and exciting. With this motivation along with paying full attention to detail allows Don-Mar Associates to be one of the most admired and respected sales agencies in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region.

In addition to our extensive sales coverage we also have an experienced office support team that provides customer support as well as field support to our sales associates. We have a computer program system that has been designed especially for Don-Mar Associates giving us the ability to maximize the time spent with our customers at our semi-annual trade shows as well as our regularly scheduled road appointments.

Don-Mar Associates pledge to excellence: We pride ourselves as a dedicated partner in your business. "The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual."

-Vince Lombardi